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This week, to celebrate TV Tuesday, I’m sharing with you my new YouTube channel, Seven Doors. I’ll be uploading a bunch of classic TV movies, all of which are not available on DVD, or are the type of movie that any company can put out on DVD. So come on over and watch some old TV movies until the cows come home.

Now available are The Tenth Level, a 70s drama starring William Shatner as the scientist who did that experiment Bill Murray was doing at the beginning of GhostbustersThe Haunted, a 1991 true story about a demon infested home starring Sally Kirkland, and Night of Terror from 1972, a thriller starring Donna Mills and Martin Balsam. And the next to be uploaded will include Sunshine starring the lovely Cristina Raines, Spectre starring the lovely Robert Culp, and Ritual of Evil with Anne Baxter and Diana Hyland. Enjoy!