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thedarkpowerSome movies, no matter how poorly executed, just have a charm about them, and they become staples in the homes of bad movie fans. One such movie in our household is 1985’s The Dark Power. The story of several college-aged twits who move into a low-rent house that happens to be guarded on the four corners of its property by undead Toltec warriors was intended as a late-career vehicle for Lash La Rue, but this vehicle ends up being stolen in a case of awesome theft auto by a sassy handyman named Earl.

Yeah, there’s gratuitous use of a whip, crap makeup on zombies, a really hot chick who works out, a subplot about smarmy racists, and a not as hot chick who doesn’t live in the house but who comes over to show her boobs in the tub while drinking a beer, but this is Earl’s movie. If you know any hilariously mean southern men, or even if you watched them cut promos on Memphis Wrestling, then you know it is fun as hell to listen to them tear into someone…as long as someone isn’t you. And Earl lets everyone have it right up until his unfortunate death at the hands of Toltecs.

Although I have watched The Dark Power at least 15 times since I first found it in 2010, I have been waiting to post about it until I could get my husband to put together an Earl the Handyman highlight reel. So without further ado, I give you, from North Carolina’s answer to Boardinghouse, Earl. You may learn to love him, but I promise that he hates you.