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Deep Shock - Official PosterHorror filmmaker Davide Melini announces that pre-production has begun on his new short, “Deep Shock.” The short will be released in time to celebrate the 50th anniversary of giallo filmmaking, as Mario Bava’s Blood and Black Lace (1964) is considered to be the first clear example of the genre.

The title “Deep Shock” is an homage to both the films Deep Red and Shock. “Deep Shock” will tell the story of Sarah, a traumatized woman who embarks “on a strange journey of apparitions and murders, apparently caused by her mind.” If you are a fan of Italian horror like me, I know you want to go on a strange journey through a new giallo!

“Deep Shock” will be produced by Melini and Fabel Aguilera, in collaboration with Marta Pavon’s “Kai Visualutions,” and will be shot in Málaga, Spain this year. A teaser will be shot this spring and put in crowdfunding, which means you could have a chance to be a part of the future of Italian horror history by donating to this project.

Melini is also the director of the horror shorts “The Puzzle” and “The Sweet Hand of the White Rose.”