Ultimate_Goreathon__255_Button Version 2There’s a bloody good blogathon going on from now until February 23rd! The Gore-A-Thon is sponsored by Movies At Dog Farm and Bloodsucking Geek and will cover all things gory and gruesome. Lots of good posts are already up all over the horror blogosphere and I’m sure they will be gushing onto your screen with equal intensity for the next thirteen days! So far as of this writing we have:

A post on what defines gore by Movies At Dog Farm

The Top Ten Argento Gore Scenes from At The Mountains of Madness

A post on Hostel by MK Horror

An interview with Jonny Dead of Bloodsucking Geek, also on MK Horror

Bloodsucking Geek’s post on the splatter-defining classic Blood Feast (1963)

Other participating blogs will include Gorror, The Info Zombie, Disturbing Films, Candy Coated Razor Blades, and some blog with the crazy name of Deep Red Rum. You can get further updates on the right sidebar of Movies At Dog Farm where Brandon Early has set up a blogroll just for the ‘thon. All these folks have worked very hard to put this together and this has been an exciting event to build up to, so I hope you will check out some of the posts over the next thirteen days!