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Short films, that is. I did a similar post last year, so I guess it’s a Thanksgiving tradition now!

“The Spectre in the Woods” – This short features the scariest animated ghost I’ve seen in recent memory.

“Iniwan” – You don’t need to hear this Filipino film in English to be able to relate to the experience of being left home alone as a scared kid.

“La Cabina” – When this man is trapped in a mysterious phone booth, his terrifying ordeal is just beginning.

“The Sandman” – This little boy has a damn good reason for being afraid to go to bed.

“The Seance” – A man finds out that you might not want to ask the spirit world for love advice.

“Grave Danger” – Lighten up a little with this horror comedy about a romantic but fickle vampire.

“An Occurrence at Owl Creek Bridge” – The Oscar winning adaptation of this short story is no doubt responsible for the “they were dead the whole time” trope.

“The Ten Steps” – If you weren’t afraid of your basement already, you might be after watching this!

“The Guest” – This one is just a little reminder to be choosy about which strangers you trust.

“The 9th Hour” – A man watching TV alone at night finds out he’s not, in fact, alone.