If you are not already answering the 11 questions from the last post, I would still like to know your answers to these questions! Either post the answers on your blog, post them in my comments section, or email me at initforthekills@yahoo.com. Come on, it’ll be very.

1. Why do you think cops in horror movies are always so reluctant to try to catch the killer? I’m watching Edge of the Axe right now and the sheriff is a useless ass, but it seems to be a theme in many horror movies.

2. Name a minor horror character you like, preferably one who has almost no bearing on the plot and who seems to be in the film just to entertain in a WTF way.

3. Is there a horror villain you root for? Difficulty: no Freddy Krueger.

4. Who would win in a fight between Christopher Lee as Dracula and Christopher Lee as Frankenstein’s monster?

5. What movie character do you have a crush on?

6. Is there a horror movie that you think absolutely goes too far?

7. What is your favorite song from an 80s movie?

8. What weapon would you want most in a zombie siege?

9. What movie’s ending would you rewrite?

10. What is your favorite moment in which a movie totally rips off another movie?

11. What movie did you learn the most from, and what did you learn? Either a serious answer or a facetious one will do.