I stole this from Cinema Schminema, who in turn took it from Andy Watches Movies. But the word on the street is that the whole thing was started by Myfilmviews, in celebration of their having won second place in the Lammies for best blogathon. Got all that? Good. Here are my confessions.


Which classic movie don’t you like/can’t enjoy and why?

I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I really can’t enjoy The Wicker Man. I know it’s a good movie. I like it in theory. However, both times I’ve seen it, times which were by necessity 15 years apart, I’ve been extremely frustrated. And I’m frustrated with my own inability to enjoy it, because the look is right, the music is great, and OMFG Christopher Lee! If it’s any excuse, I become infuriated in real life when people pretend to be obtuse, and that’s exactly what the movie is about in many ways. Also, the villagers were some pretty stupid individuals, and honestly, being a lifelong resident of the south, I can walk outside and see stupid people hurting other people over religion; I don’t need to watch movies about it. So it’s a personal problem, I admit. Maybe in another 15 years I’ll be mature enough to handle it.


Which ten classic movies haven’t you seen yet?

From my Netflix queue, here are some I haven’t seen but plan to. Holy Mountain, The Man From Deep River, Satan’s School For Girls, Murder Rock, The Bird With the Crystal Plumage, Who Can Kill a Child, Strip Nude For Your Killer, The House on Sorority Row, The Other Hell, and XTRO. Leave me a comment telling me which of these I should move to the top of the queue, or off the queue as the case may be, if you have strong opinions on any of these on the list.


Have you ever sneaked into another movie at the cinema?

I have peeked in to another movie, but never stayed for the whole thing. It doesn’t really make me look any more virtuous when I admit that both of the ones I can remember doing this for actually sucked and I didn’t want to stay. They were Mission Impossible II and The Town.


Which actor/actress do you think is overrated?

Ellen Page leaps to mind. Being a smartass is fine sometimes, but playing the same character in every film is not. Of course, I haven’t seen all of her movies (because she’s a smartass who rubs me the wrong way, natch), so maybe she’ll prove me wrong. I’m sure she’ll have a chance to do so since there doesn’t seem to be any danger of her going away.


From which big director have you never seen any movie (and why)?

I have not seen anything that was directed by Jacques Tourneur, but I don’t have any big ol’ tapdancing explanation as to why. I have Cat People saved on the DVR, though, so I’m sure it’ll happen.


Which movie do you love, but is generally hated?

I love Prince of Darkness. I’d go as far as to say it is my favorite Carpenter film, and I don’t care who knows it. Does that count as a confession?


Have you ever been “one of those annoying people” at the cinema?

Once I was at the movies, in fact I think I was watching Halloween 4, and I had my feet up on the seat. Some Marines were sitting behind my girlfriend and me, and the movie had not started, when one of them said, “Those are ugly shoes. Am I going to be forced to look at them throughout the movie?” Cue my friend and me, being high school girls, getting hysterical and being unable to stop saying “throughout the movie.” It was the pompous way he said it, plus they were cute shoes, and besides that, there were hardly any people in the theater, so he could have moved his camouflaged ass to another location. So -1 for the feet on the seat, and -2 for me being a bitch, I guess.


Did you ever watch a movie, which you knew in advance would be bad, just because of a specific actor/actress was in it? Which one and why?

I have said this before, but I think it bears repeating: I saw Father Hood in the theater on opening night. You could not possibly understand the depth of my love for Patrick Swayze, but because I like you (always have), I’ll give you this tidbit to try to demonstrate said love, so that someday you may know a love like that.


Did you ever not watch a specific movie because it had subtitles?

No, and it frustrates the ever-living shit out of me that enough people refuse to do so that it ensures we don’t get wide releases of foreign films. And I’m not even talking about American remakes. And I’m not speaking about the fact that some movies don’t play less than a five-hour drive from where I live.


Are there any movies in your collection that you have had for more than five years and never watched?

I’m sure there are more than this, since there are movies all over this house, but in the interest of brevity (too late!) My Favorite Year is in the trunk o’ VHS beside me,  unwatched.


Which are the worst movies in your collection and why do you still own them?

In the same trunk I found a copy of Vanilla Sky. I don’t know why I still have it. I hate that movie for its bleakness and its total lack of meaning (to me). I saw it in the theater on Christmas. That’s right, Tom Cruise ruined Christmas. I had to come home that night and watch Bridget Jones’s Diary just to feel better.


Do you have any confessions about your movie watching setup at home?

Only that I don’t have Dish anymore because all the movies that we have bought and all the ones that are available streaming online keep us so busy that we stopped wanting to pay for Dish. So I’m not very hip when it comes to TV shows. Not that you thought that I was hip.


Any other confessions you want to make?

I really don’t like sad movies about animals or children. I mean, why pay money to cry? I once lost a bet with a boyfriend which meant I would have to watch Old Yeller, so I broke up with him.