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Thanks to Misty of Cinema Schminema and also Michael of Parlor of Horror for bestowing upon me the Very Inspiring Blogger award! The way this works is that in order to accept, I now have to pass this award along to three other bloggers. And the winners are:

Return to the 80s – a nostalgic look back at my favorite decade for not only horror movies, but also for pop culture in general. Viva 80s!

Night Train to ¡Mundo Terrible! – one blogger’s search for the worst movie ever made. Do you think there is one? Or do movies keep getting worse times infinity, with no bottom? Whatever you think, it’s fun to watch someone try to find the worst movie ever.

Made for TV Mayhem – she has forgotten more than I will ever know about TV movies. There’s always high quality, informative content on Made For TV Mayhem.

Thanks to all of you for providing awesome stuff to read on the internets!