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In 1955, a young woman (Jenny O’Hara) has a terrible dream that someone is trying to steal her baby. She wakes up in the hospital, her baby is stolen, and she is knocked down a flight of stairs to her death by a black cat. 22 years pass. The baby is now a grown woman (Elyssa Davalos) who works as a clothing designer, but she was raised by a coven (unbeknownst to her) and groomed (also secretly) to be the bride of Satan. Understandably, her boyfriend (Dack Rambo) isn’t thrilled to find out that she’s already betrothed to the devil. Can he stop the devil’s matchmakers? Or will he be completely distracted by the fact that the daughter of his old girlfriend (Kim Cattrall) is now possessed by the devil? And if this is a TV pilot, just what would the plot of the series have been if it had been picked up?

Good Against Evil boldly rips off The Exorcist and mashes it up with Rosemary’s Baby and The Omen, 70s TV style. All the great elements of this type of story are here. Evil nuns? Check. Richard Lynch? Check. People dying when they get too close to the devil’s fiancee? Check. Scared horses and a murdered priest? Check and check. But the big bad satanist has evil cats instead of hellhounds, and there’s the part about Satanists running the fashion industry (which I always suspected) rather than being in politics, so the story’s not completely derivative.

I do have some advice for covens who hope to take over the world and make evil reign. I probably shouldn’t tell you this, but you won’t listen to someone like me anyway (I’m a Methodist, not a Catholic) and we can all get a little chuckle out of what I’m about to say. When you are raising a child to give to the devil, maybe it would be best if you let them in on your little plan, so they don’t freak out when they figure it out in early adulthood. Take the kid to a black mass once in awhile. Teach them to draw a pentagram. Make them think from infancy that your way is the right way, the normal way, just like every other religion on earth does. I know you’re into your secrecy and conspiracies, but maybe the path of least resistance would be a smoother way to get that black wedding of your dreams. You’re welcome.