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Today, we wrap up Japanese Horror Month with a guest post from Misty of Cinema Schminema. Here is her take on Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies.

I LOVE Japanese cinema.  It is so happy making that I cannot get enough.  And when I find things like Stacy: Attack of the Schoolgirl Zombies, which is a zombie comedy/horror love story, I love it even more.

Stacy starts with a scene of a teenage babysitter lying dead on the side of the road being poked at by the group of boys she’s been sitting for.  Along comes the boy’s mother who seems wholly unconcerned that her kids are hanging out on the edge of a highway with no babysitter in sight.  But wait!  What should happen next?  The babysitter comes back to life and eats the children!  YES!  And that leads us to the “Worst Mom Screaming in Horror” action ever.  Trust me.  She looks like her dog just ate her favorite shoes more than a zombie just ate her tiny children.  Then we cut to a girl standing in the street holding a wind chime and giggling like mad (oh, Japan.  No one makes me fear women’s laughter more than you.)

So why’s our girl so damn happy?  Because she’s experiencing Near Death Happiness.  See what happens is, first, girls between the ages of 15 and 17 get uber happy.  Then they die.  Then they reanimate and come back to life.  Oh and there’s Butterfly Twinkle Powder. (I don’t get that one either….)  This is a worldwide phenomenon and as such, the world population has been cut almost in half.  What’s the solution?  A mad scientist searching for answers (*note to self: get a cane so you can go around smashing things like said scientist*) and “Romero Repeat Kill Troops”.  Yes, you read that right.  Not only do you have to kill the zombie girls (who are nicknamed “Stacys” by the way), but you have to repeat kill them by cutting them up into 165 pieces.  Why?  Because that is the magical number, that’s why.  The only people allowed to kill/repeat kill Stacys are their immediate family or the Romero Repeat Kill Troops which is why you can run right out and get your “Bruce Campbell’s Right Hand 2!” chainsaw complete in fun colours from the spring line being sold by a girl in a bunny suit!  YAY!

But what happens if your teenager dies and the Romero Repeat Kill Troops are busy and you just don’t feel like going through the hassle of a repeat kill yourself?  Well, we’ve got the “Drew Illegal Repeat Kill” gang on standby just in case.  The “Drew” gang consists of three teenage girls who are illegally repeat killing to earn money to pay a hot celeb guy to repeat kill them when they die.  And they love Drew Barrymore.  Seriously folks, this is pure cinematic genius here!!

So yeah, Stacys and repeat kill troops and a couple of guys in love…..a really excellent puppet show……a lady shrimp with huge knockers puppet…..too much porno music in the background….and a heck of a lot of gore (in that really really cheesy fake gore way!) make this a delectable slice of J-horror heaven.  And there’s even a deep message to it all:  1) EVERYBODY is terrified of teenage girls and 2) EVERYBODY wants to be loved, even zombies.