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Has this ever happened to you? You’re watching a TV movie and thinking to yourself, “This would be great if it only had more Australians struggling to do American accents!” Well, then you should see Meteorites!

Meteorites! has classic plots colliding like falling space rocks into the Earth: every disaster movie cliche you can imagine rockets unstoppably towards a former cop who can’t get over the death of his partner and a greedy mayor who doesn’t want to warn the townsfolk of the meteorites! because there’s a festival going on. As a bonus, the festival is a UFO festival. There’s also a sleazy tabloid reporter, a home invasion, teen romance, a beauty pageant, a hermit with a heart of gold, and a person who gets killed by one of the meteorites! leaving only a pair of smoking shoes behind. And if all that isn’t enough for you, Luke Duke himself, Tom Wopat, is on the scene. I loved this movie! It’s fast-paced, and doesn’t take itself too seriously. You could even say that, at least with me, it was a big hit.