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Guess what? I have a new blog going, and it’s solely dedicated to movies which contain hauntings. Comedy, mystery, horror, documentary, drama, as long as it has a ghost, I’ll be reviewing it. Yep, not reaction papers, not smartass lists about what I learned, but reviews. So while you can’t trust me over here when I say that Las Vegas Bloodbath is a quality film, because I’ll write about anything, on Realm of the Uninvited I will actually tell you whether a film is worth your time. Trust me.

I’ve already reviewed 1963’s so-so Italian movie The Ghost with Barbara Steele; I’ve also covered the awesome 2000 mystery The Gift, starring Cate Blanchett and Katie Holmes (and many more great actors), written by Billy Bob Thornton, and directed by Sam Raimi. So while I will still be updating this site, I’ll also be putting up lots of great reviews over there. Y’all come and see me at Realm of the Uninvited.