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The rides are assembled and the carnies running the game booths are ready to get your money, rubes. Do you have a ticket? Hold on; here we go.

Dan Lashley gives us Three Reasons Why Freaks is the Greatest Circus Film Ever

Alex Seda of Midnight Showing presents What Freaks taught me about revenge and protecting others

Son of Celluloid gives us a review of The New Kids

Cookoo Charlie the cannibal clown reviews Breeding Ground, a novel by Sarah Pinborough

Filmmaker Joshua Hull would like you to check out the trailer for his upcoming film Beverly Lane

Ryne Barber of The Moon Is A Dead World takes us through The Funhouse

As for me, your hostess, I examined the use of the carnival images in Carnival of Souls

So keep your arms, legs and heads inside the car and enjoy the ride. More links will be added as you send them in. The fun doesn’t have to end tonight.