Giovanni Susina, who writes for Italian Film Review as well as his personal blog At The Mansion of Madness, has seen fit to award little ol’ me the Versatile Blogger Award. You owe it to yourself to check out his blog and especially his post on The Perfume of the Lady in Black.

Giovanni explained that to accept the award, one has to list seven things about themselves and then pass the award on to either seven or fifteen other bloggers; he has seen it done both ways. To avoid inflation, I’m going to spotlight only seven bloggers. Obviously there is no pressure to accept the award; I know we all have our own blogging itineraries going but I wanted to point out some great blogs you should be reading anyway.

First, seven useless facts about me.

1. I’m the mommy of a delightfully nerdy seven year old boy who lives to play classic video games from the 80s. He doesn’t like horror movies yet, but he does make up scary stories and tell them to me. He is the best thing that ever happened to me.

2. My favorite flavor of ice cream is Dove Chocolate Cherry Amaretto, a pint of which I would marry like the guy in Korea who married his pillow, were I not already married to…

3. My best friend, my biggest fan and the only person who gets me, a screenwriter as well as the webmaster of the hilarious My Mom Thinks I’m Funny website. I don’t believe in nepotism, so I’m not listing him among the versatile bloggers, but I couldn’t resist a plug. Besides, he insists that his site isn’t a blog.

4. I’m scared of spiders, so I went to the pet store and asked to hold the tarantulas as a bit of homemade aversion therapy. I managed not to throw them down and stomp them to death, but I didn’t buy one either.

5. I am obsessed with classic country music, to the point that I watch Hee Haw on the RFD channel every Sunday night and DVR it. Don Rich is my favorite guitarist of all time.

6. My favorite non-horror films include The Big Lebowski, Harold and Maude, Local Hero, Amelie and Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind.

7. I recently cleaned out a storage space I was renting and rediscovered a book that was a huge reason I started this blog in the first place. It’s called Horror: A Thematic History in Fiction and Film by Darryl Jones.

And the award goes to…

Richard of Cinema Somnabulist

Hud of Vegan Voorhees

Jen of Zombies are Magic

Rabbi and Daffy of The Haunted Drive-In

Stacia of She Blogged By Night

Nathan of Son of Celluloid

Emily of The Deadly Doll’s House of Horror Nonsense

Thanks to everyone for all your hard work entertaining internet horror fans everywhere!