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Eh, I know I’m a bit noncommittal, but I can’t think of a movie that fits this category exactly; it’s more like there are certain movies I used to watch all the time that I can’t bring myself to re-watch and haven’t in many years. Around ’96-’97 I was going through a severe William Hurt phase. I even owned Altered States on laserdisc. Now I find Hurt’s acting a bit pretentious, the graphics in Altered States awful and the transformation into a primordial ooze ridiculous. Perhaps I’m missing a metaphor? I’m not crazy about “love conquers all” for the most part, either.

I used to throw this movie on when I wanted something a bit psychedelic. Now all I can picture when I start to watch it is that cheesy effect with the goat-headed man or whatever giving it to, was it Blair Brown? On an altar? Altared States, amirite? I no longer have a lot of patience for movies about self-destructive scientists, their neglected families and their pleading wives. Also, taking hallucinogens from some guy in the jungle is a horror movie all in itself. I like the idea of the film and the memory of good times had watching it but, like a lot of life choices from back when I watched it a lot, I’m kind of over it.

But I’m the same person who, as a child, thought Tommy was a comedy, so maybe Ken Russell and I just aren’t copacetic.