This is the easiest assignment on the list so far. Hate is a strong word. I’ll keep this short, because this movie is so heinous it doesn’t deserve much of my attention, but I’d like to address it once because I have had people assume that I would like this movie. It’s I Spit On Your Grave AKA Day Of The Woman.

This is the one movie I wish I could unsee. That rape seems to go on for eternity. The movie has no value. Somehow the movie has gotten the reputation for being a feminist work, which is why some people assume I would like it. I think it’s actually very anti-feminist and damaging to the feminist movement for a couple of reasons.

First of all, it assumes that rape would turn an ordinary woman into a mass murderer. This is just backhanded misogyny. It fits with the thinking that women want sex less than men, therefore forced sex could cause the victim to naturally turn into the predator that the main character becomes. It implies that rape not only irrevocably changes a woman, but changes her into something inhuman, unclean, an animal.

Secondly, it perpetuates the ugly myth that feminists hate men. Not true. Feminism is simply the radical idea that women have dreams and ideas besides having children and keeping a home.

The only reason to show a rape like that on film is for exploitation. It was not filmed as an excuse for some misguided rampage of empowerment, but because a lot of people apparently thought it would be entertaining to sit around eating popcorn and watch a brutal gang rape.