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I hate prog rock. Emerson Lake and Palmer, King Crimson, Rush, Genesis, whatever, it’s music to go out of my mind by. I never could stand those 20 minute songs and all that noodling with no hook. Even though I was a band geek from fifth grade right on through college, I also found instrumental movie soundtracks that weren’t written and conducted by John Williams to be boring, and their fans somehow pretentious. How dare people have an opinion about music that was different from mine?

Then I saw Profondo Rosso and fell in love with the music of Goblin. There’s a reason musical directions are written in Italian. I don’t just watch the movie and enjoy this soundtrack. I drive around blaring it in my car. I even got my husband doing the same thing and he didn’t watch the movie until two or three years after we started listening to the soundtrack. I’m so glad I watched Profondo Rosso because it both introduced me to the world of Italian horror and led me to find the soundtracks to Phenomena, Buio Omega, Zombi, House By The Cemetery, City of the Living Dead and so many others. I could go through Profondo Rosso and talk the use of music to death, but I’ll just let the music speak for itself. Enjoy.