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In another dimension, possibly the one where I have tickets to see Terence Trent D’Arby next month while on one of my six yearly weeks of vacation from the high-paying job I got with my B.A. in English, Event Horizon is recognized as the effective mixture of gore and psych-out that it is.

Perhaps there four sequels have been made: the one that has a sense of humor, the one that’s even more gory, the one that refers snarkily to itself and the one that has absolutely nothing to do with the others. The last one in which Weir runs a Hogwarts type institution where the magically talented are forced into using their tele-and-other-kineses in a galaxy when, where away effectively eviscerated the franchise as surely as Weir did to D.J. but we’re now headed for a reboot in which some awesome blonde chick such as Malin Ackerman takes on the Joely Richardson role from the first three sequels and resumes chasing that fucker Weir (now played by Cillian Murphy) through time and space.

But we live in this reality, where the studio heads pussied out of much of the red stuff and gutted the first and only movie, made the director all depressed about his lack of postproduction time and did a little dance to make this a box office flop. However, since I have never seen the parts that were cut out and don’t know any better, this movie as is rocks my face right off of my head. Even though (or because) it was made by the other Paul Anderson, Event Horizon is as underrated as Magnolia is overrated.

When I was living in the 90s, the 70s was a vaguely remembered (to me) time of tackiness and kitch just waiting to be mined for what gold surely existed beyond the realm of disco and Norman Lear sitcoms. Young people of today, you are in the same position to find the lost gems of the 90s which transcend terrible electro and Seinfeld reruns. Event Horizon is a good place to start.