POT_logo_3 Cortez the Killer at Planet of Terror had the chance to interview all of the directors of Summer School. It’s a really terrific interview and you can check it out here.

My favorite part of the interview is when Lance Hendrickson said, regarding the difference between movies of the 80s and today, “And I feel like the people were more interesting then, now all the
characters are stereotypes trying to be original. If you are writing a
stereotype character, embrace that and have fun. Don’t take yourself
too seriously.”

I have a selfish reason for liking this quote; it’s basically the same thing I said about the two ice cream men in Killer Klowns”Most importantly, the movie has those 80s deluxe elements that I never
would have noticed when I was living through the decade, but now make
me nostalgic. The brothers in the ice cream truck are classic 80s
comedy two-dimensional characters who serve only to move the plot
forward when necessary.”

Its good to know that I wasn’t just talking out of my ass and that someone who has more credibility than I do has the same original thought as me. The universal mind never ceases to amaze me.

Overall, reading the interview made me like Summer School even more. If that’s possible.