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Ssgrindhousewallpaper No, it's not the Mark Harmon 80s classic cheesefest, but it does have a protagonist who is similar to Chainsaw and Dave. I was reading a very well-written blog called Planet of Terror a few weeks ago and I entered a contest to win a copy of the 2006 indie horror flick also called Summer School. They asked their readers to tell a funny story from high school to win and I guess they liked mine best. I'm so glad they did.

This movie has renewed my faith in indie movies, in movies shot on digital, in the knowledge that there are still people out there doing effective rubber and corn syrup special effects, and may even cause my heart to grow three sizes today. Right now is an exciting time to be living in the horror world, and this movie exemplifies everything that is going to revolutionize our little subculture.

Chuck stayed up all night watching movies for his horror blog, but he still has to go to summer school in the morning. As he is waiting in the classroom for physics class to start, he puts down his head to take a nap.

When he wakes up, there's some chit chat, an angry teacher, a hot chick making eyes at him and he suddenly knows the answer to some very complex science question the bitchy teacher throws at him. But he should have known he was still dreaming when his two stoner friends in the back row say that it's cool that he knew the answer.

Eventually he skips class and ends up getting murdered. But when he dies, he wakes up in the classroom again. And this happens over and over for the duration of the film, with each dream being a different type of horror story taking place in the school.

The strangest thing of all to me is that I had the thought during the middle of the film that it reminded me of an anthology except for the fact that I loved the movie (I hate anthologies. Sorry.) Well, when the credits rolled, it was revealed that each dream was written and in some cases directed by different people! What we have here is a completely seamless anthology.

I had so much fun watching Summer School that I don't want to tell you too much about the killers or the kills but I do have one slightly nerdy point to make. In one of the dreams Chuck is accosted by a scary redneck and he manages to kill the yokel with a number 2 pencil. I felt that the pencil represented the idea that formal learning is anathema to nasty backwoods people. So….thumbs up for education!

Thanks again to Cortez the Killer and Complaint Dept. You guys rock.