Fantasticallyfrightening It’s award season, and the best part about being a blogger is I don’t have to buy anything new for the red carpet. I’ve been recognized as a “Fantastically Frightening” blogger by two blogs: The Vault of Horror and Planet of Terror. Thanks guys! Now, where in the hell do I get a skeleton hands bra in real life?

So now it’s my great pleasure to pass this award along. After much consideration I’ve chosen three of my favorite blogs because three is the magic number. I choose these blogs because they can all do different things that I would like to able to do better.

Spooky Little Girl – She focuses on new movies that have the spirit of the golden age of horror. In her own words, “Let’s hope that, in the next decade, filmmakers continue to look into the past in order to find the way forward.” I can take a lesson from her because I tend to get stuck in a mentality that there are no good horror movies made after 1990, and that’s just not true.

Midnight Showing – These guys are prolific writers. You will never be bored again if you take a look at their site. And, they don’t just focus on horror but also feature mixtapes and general trash films. Plus, they’re both delightfully sick in the head!

Devouring the Flesh of the Living – This guy has got a sharp focus on zombie movies, and it works. He breaks down the reviews by scoring in terms of boobage (he calls them “norks”), gore and originality. It’s a science of sickness!