Eota The action starts before the opening credits in this unexpectedly tasty slice of cheese. A woman drives into a car wash. She rides through in her car, in what is normally a soothing environment. I thought until tonight that you were safe in your car if you locked the doors and stayed in safe places. I should have known by the title Edge of the Axe I was wrong, but clearly I had not seen enough horror movies. She thinks she sees something out of the corner of her eye in the mirror, but nobody is behind her…

Because he’s in front of her waiting for her to look, really look for the last time out the front windshield to see a masked man holding a big honkin axe. He smashes the windshield and delivers two swift chops to her head. The camera shoots through the driver’s side window from the outside. The sight of the water still cleaning the outside of the window juxtaposes grimly with the blood on the inside that covers the top half of her face as the mouth screams silently in a mask of pain.

As a joint Spanish/American production, the film has both the Euro splatter kills I crave and a fairly cohesive plot which the American in me takes comfort in. The women are hot and, uncharacteristically for the genre, so are a couple of the guys. There’s plenty of cheesetastic comedy here too; one of the stars is an extreme geek for the time who actually uses the internet and email, although he calls it something like “linking to the central database.” There’s also a great scare with a decapitated pig and another with a rotten corpse; ironically the ex woman who became the corpse had just been immaturely serenaded by the hot guy and the geek for her looks as they did not know it was a posthumous tribute.

Best of all, the viewer may not figure out the killer’s identity right away. Is it the cop who wants to rule all the murders as suicides? The trophy husband bored with his older wife? Maybe the geek who gets attention from the ladies too late in life? I ain’t sayin, but if you like 80s slashers and/or Euro horror, definitely check this one out. I leave you with a clip of the opening kill. Enjoy!