Honestscrapaward See, there it is on the left. I was thus honored by Mr. B-Sol of The Vault of Horror. Maybe he thought it would motivate me to update the blog to give him something to read on the bus. Uniquely, this is an interactive cyber award. I'm gonna link to ten blogs I think should get the very retrolicious sign with a severed arm sprouting an ear of corn. Then I'm gonna tell you ten honest things about myself. Like you care! But you'll read them all, because I have the keyboard.

1. The Vault of Horror

2. Midnight Showing

3. Monster Rally

4. Cult Trailers

5. Cinema Somnambulist

6. Wrong Side of the Art

7. Devouring the Flesh of the Living

8. Mad Mad Mad Mad Movies

9. My Mom Thinks I'm Funny

10. 5 Minute Horror

Now for ten possibly interesting things about me:

1. I have seen the Indigo Girls play live 16 times.

2. There is a velvet painting of Willie Nelson in my bedroom.

3. Hearing nails filed or having my nails filed is worse than the chalkboard nail combo.

4. Oddly, I consider it my inalienable right to have a pedicure every week.

5. In sixth grade I stuffed 23 grapes in my mouth in the lunchroom.

6. I like wandering around old cemeteries, but only in the daytime.

7. I don't really care much for Night of the Living Dead

8. Right now I am listening to "We Don't Have to Take Our Clothes Off" by Jermaine Stewart

9. On July 4th 1999 I was in Myrtle Beach when I convinced one of my friends to build a huge topless sand mermaid. He left after that and my friend Tommy and I sat there all night drinking beer and telling every person who walked by and stopped and asked if we sculpted the boobulous mermaid that yes we did. Does it count that I am truthing about lying?

10. The first and fourth boys I ever made out with are now preachers. Is that worse than turning high school boyfriends gay?