Wednesday's Child:

I’m about to watch this again and thought I’d share an old post about it, since it was originally written before I became acquainted with most of the current group of readers. What’s your favorite movie that’s supposedly a huge rip off?

Originally posted on Seven Doors of Cinema:

Beyond the Door gets a bad rap for being an Exorcist ripoff. But how many movies since BTD came out in ’74 have ripped it off?

1. Poltergeist 1982: The kids share a room with matching wicker headboards on the twin beds, and the toys move around on their own and scare the shit out of them. Just like in Beyond The Door.

2. The House By The Cemetery 1981: A doctor runs all over creation trying to figure out the identity of a supernatural villain while the shit goes down back at the house. Just like in Beyond the Door.

3. A Nightmare on Elm Street 1984: A supernatural force moves a victim all over the walls and ceiling. Just like Poltergeist in 1982, and in Beyond the Door.

4. The Craft 1996: Nancy floats across the floor in a standing position. Just like Jessica does…

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