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I am sick, have been for a month, but I finally got so much worse that I had to go to the doctor, which I hate. So I have bronchitis and a fever and I’m on a bunch of medicine and I don’t feel like doing a thoughtful post. But I do want to continue my Monday posts about 1977 movies. So here is something I have been meaning to address. Lately when I watch Suspiria, which I do often, I have been inspired to start keeping a list of memorable minor horror characters who really have no bearingĀ on the outcome of the film. So I’m going to start with Suzy Banion’s reluctant roommate-for-a-day, Olga.

Olga has some wild hair and even wilder black-on-silver wallpaper, but best of all, she has that great little speech in the dressing room at the school. “Suzy… Sara… I once read that names which begin with the letter ‘S’ are the names of SNAKES! Sssss! Ssssss!” Suzy stays with her for one night, then, after the witches make Suzy faint at school, she sends Suzy’s stuff back and we never see or hear from Olga again. In an American movie, Olga would have been killed off because she’s a big ol’ bitch, but Argento lets her live. And, honestly, for me, she is one of the most memorable characters in Suspiria. I wouldn’t even remember Sara’s name, even though Sara has a much bigger part, if it wasn’t for Olga.

What say you? How do you feel about Olga? Similar characters in other movies? Other odd moments you love in Suspiria? Su-su-spiria, whoa-oh oh!