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A young girl kills a boy by psychically blowing his ass up before he can attack her on the playground with a hammer. Her mother tells her to keep to herself and try to contain her anger. She grows up lonely, finally finds a boy who likes her, and has a chance at a normal life, but then his sister is killed by a gang of psychos and our firestarter is out for revenge. Sound good?

I thought so too. I watched it all the way through, and I was entertained, but it was not what I wanted to watch today, and I waited too long to find something else to write about tonight. Netflix says Pyrokinesis is a horror movie, and so does IMDb, but it’s not. It’s like a superhero movie acted by soap opera stars. Actually, when I’m hearing a movie in a foreign language, I’m never sure about the acting. I know it’s better than dubbed acting, always, but these folks were either monotoning it or completely over the top. Sometimes in the same scene! They went to eleven.

Also, I’m not sure if this movie may have been a normal Japanese superhero drama or a bad one. Maybe there’s a schmaltzy action genre and I Just Don’t Get It. And yeah, I know superhero movies are always over the top with really broad characterizations. But that doesn’t mean I have to like it. Of course, if you do like that, then do I have a movie for you!