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Real Genius has always been one of those movies I was sad to see end every time. But somehow, by my calculations, I haven’t watched it in about 15 years! I was a bit worried that it wouldn’t hold up for me, although I shouldn’t have been concerned; after all, my dad was the age I am now when it came out, and he was the one who clued me in to it after catching it on cable in the mid-80s. It’s always great when I get to revisit a movie for which I have nostalgia, and this one actually turned out to be a good movie. Of course, there were a few things I never noticed or understood before, so that it’s basically a new movie from my “adult” perspective.

– Kent’s speech in the lab about how “it goes from God, to Jerry, to me…” foreshadows nicely the prank of making Kent think Jesus is talking directly to him through an antenna in his braces.

– It’s probably intentional to have Mitch holding a giant cherry the first time he nervously talks to Jordan.

– Chris Knight is a manic pixie dream boy.

– It took a lot of talent to play an unbelievable bastard like Jerry Hathaway, and William Atherton is underrated.

-Ditto for Jon Gries. I’ve seen Napoleon Dynamite at least as many times as I’ve seen Real Genius, but I didn’t notice until today that Lazlo was Uncle Rico. Or vice versa. The guy really knows how to disappear into a character, at least in the comedic realm.

– I’m not sure it was necessary to have Kent there when the laser hit Hathaway’s house.

– I’m also not sure if scientists are as naive as the ones in this film, or if geniuses actually have groupies.

– I am sure I should start entering sweepstakes. Sweepstakeses?

– I still want a closet ride that goes down to a secret hideout and a portable slide/pool combo.

– I wonder if the kids I went to school with in the 8os who hated smart people liked this movie. If so, who did they root for?

– I’m probably gonna watch Real Genius again later tonight, but right now I’m watching the related Girls Just Wanna Have Fun. You know, Janie’s dad was the head bad Air Force guy in Real Genius, both movies are 80s as hell, and Mitch looked just like SJP did in Girls.

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– If you don’t mind seeing the same 17 second Green Giant ad 10 times, you can watch Real Genius uncut here on Crackle.