Suzzanna, the late queen of Indonesian horror, stars as the “ghost with a hole” that the title Sundel Bolong translates to. She’s a specific type of angry ghost lady, a prostitute who was murdered while pregnant and thanks to coffin birth has a hole in her back.

Suzzanna made more than one of these movies. In this one she starts out as a happy mom and wife with another baby on the way. But her former pimp murders her as punishment for quitting her job. She goes from a sad and pissed off ghost visiting her family to randomly terrorizing people on country roads where she was killed.

The trouble is that the hicks she is scaring come off as comedic. I’m going to pretend it was meant to be funny, whether it was or not. One guy, who has pigtails with ribbons like a four year old girl or an 18 year old porn star, picks up the ghost disguised as a hitchhiker.

Nice dry, dark night for a parasol.


I'll let you pick me up as long as I can drive

What's my name?

I said what's my name bitch.

I forgot the safe word

It's a good thing you jumped out of the car in fright, cause I'm now floating 15 feet in the air and nobody's driving the car.

Yes, try to get away, you amuse me.

Nice driving

I too am upside down!