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Leslie Fontaine (Camilla Carr) lives in a big old house with her brother Kevin. The problem is that Kevin may not exist. Now, someone is using a sword to kill nearly everyone who comes to the house for no good reason that I can see. Leslie talks to Kevin, but it’s easy to guess that he’s really not there and that she is the one killing everyone. The filmmaker doesn’t do a particularly good job of hiding it, and maybe he didn’t intend to. The only question is whether Leslie went crazy because Kevin died or because he left.

Crazy people fascinate me. I met a very memorable one while I was waiting in a very long line in a government office, one of those places where they don’t care how they treat you because you have to have the paperwork they can give you and they know they’re the only ones that can give it to you. The crazy lady started a conversation with me which seemed pleasant and boring enough at first, until she told me that she reported directly to President Bush about celestial beings on earth. It was her job to find them because the government wanted to keep track of them. But even though she was telling a fantastical tale, she acted as casually as if she was talking about the weather.

It’s not that I don’t believe in celestial beings on Earth. I have a very open mind. It’s just that I know full well that if she actually had such a job and was employed by our government, she wouldn’t be sharing that information with the likes of me. So if she was making the whole thing up, she was crazy because she was delusional. And if she did have that job and told me about it anyway, she’s still crazy, because she could stand to lose her job which is not a good price to pay for the dubious satisfaction of telling a random stranger about it. Either way she was batshit crazy. And because I’m fascinated with why people do what they do, I’m always going to remember her. I’ll never know what made her tell me that and whether it was true.

It’s the same with our protagonist here in Keep My Grave Open.  We know she is crazy because she is talking to someone who isn’t there and killing people seemingly at random. We just don’t know why she is crazy until we finally meet Kevin. Is he absent or dead? Does he appear at the end as a mourner or a dessicated corpse a la the grandfather in Funeral Home? Wanting to find out kept me watching until the end despite the low budget.

The human brain continues to be the last frontier in science. We know our limitations for the present when it comes to space exploration, but regarding the brain, we know so little that we don’t even yet know to what extent it is possible for us to learn about it. We don’t even know how much we don’t know. And because Keep My Grave Open is chiefly a front row seat to Leslie’s further descent into madness I had to watch the whole thing just to see why she did what she did. At least in this case I got an answer.